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All of our bulls are quiet, well handled and bred to perform as top industry sires. We have one bull for sale at the forthcoming The Invitational 2021 Red Angus Bull Sale at Tamworth on 30 April 2021 and a further five bulls for sale at the Power of Red VII Sale in Toowoomba on Saturday 4 September 2021.

The Invitational 2021 Red Angus Bull Sale

This unique multi-vendor sale comprises bulls which participated in a 70-day feed efficiency trial conducted at the University of New England Tullimba Feedlot, where they were independently assessed by well-known industry identities.  The sale is to be conducted in Tamworth on Friday 30 April this year. View catalogue.

In the Tullimba feed efficiency trial, Rosemullion's entry in the sale, Rosemullion Red Ross, was ranked sixth on feed conversion efficiency and second on average daily gain among the 40 bulls on trial.

1.   Rosemullion Red Ross (AI) (HMDR1)

            DOB 07/01/2020

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The Invitational Sale Lot 34

A standout from his peers since birth, Ross

combines growth and depth inherited from

his sire Bieber Deep End.  See his video.

Compared with other Invitational Sale lots,

Ross ranked #2 for Weight Gain and #5 for

Feed Conversion Ratio in the Tullimba Feed

Trial and ranks #1 for EBVs for SUP, VLR &

NTH Indices.

          At 16 January at 12 months of age, Ross 

weighed 614 kg.

Power of Red VII

Rosemullion is a foundation vendor of this multi-vendor sale supplying bulls into Queensland and Northern NSW commercial herds looking to advance turn-off of stock with outstanding carcase quality. 

Information about the five bulls we will be offering at this sale on 4 September 2021 coming soon ......