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For Sale

All of our bulls are quiet, well handled and bred to perform as top industry sires.  We have three bulls for sale at the Power of Red IX Sale in Toowoomba on Saturday 9 September 2023. 

Power of Red IX

Rosemullion is a foundation vendor of this multi-vendor sale supplying bulls into Queensland and Northern NSW commercial herds looking to advance turn-off of stock with outstanding carcase quality. 

Power of Red IX will be held on Saturday 9 September 2023, at Toowoomba Showgrounds Equestrian Centre and on-line

through Elite Livestock Auctions.


1.   Rosemullion Red Severus AI  ET (HMDS18  DOB 29/12/2021   Lot 13


















At the time of last weighing on 25 July Severus weighed 752 kg


Severus HMDS18.jpg
EBV Percentiles - Severus.gif

2.   Rosemullion Red Strongman (AI) (HMDS16)  DOB 28/11/2021   Lot 12


At the time of last weighing on 31 July Strongman weighed 826 kg

EBV Percentiles - Strongman.gif
Strongman HMDS16 Improved.jpg.JPEG

3.   Rosemullion Red Thomas (HMDT12)   DOB 26/01/2022   Lot 28


















At the time of last weighing on 25 July Thomas weighed 728 kg

Thomas HMDT12.jpg
EBV Percentiles - Thomas.gif

Other animals for sale

In addition to the bulls we have for sale at Power of Red IX this year, we have a number of other animals for sale, including those below.

1.   Rosemullion Red Tobruk (HMDT13) DOB 24/04/2022 POA











At his most recent weighing on 23 June Tobruk weighed 504 kg.

EBV Percentiles - Tobruk.gif
Tobruk HMDT13.jpg
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